BMRS who gave fluffy my home address, do you guys not realize he has a gun to my head now edition

25/01/18 22:00
It doesn't help that all my guns have been taken away after this took place and fluffy pink balls does not seem to scare BM anymore after his night with Barry
26/01/18 09:10
Ok crap who do i support as leader now
26/01/18 11:58
The person with the guns
27/01/18 00:54
Black Monks :

The person with the guns

Oh i have gone.... So does that me im the new el presidente dictator ruler of all
27/01/18 01:23
I thought I sent you the memo
27/01/18 05:36
Damm it Fluffy must of stolen it
10/02/18 20:33
Question Black Monks. How often do you and your team update the BMRS rankings? Not asking you to do it now, just a question.
10/02/18 21:34
I used to do it regularly, now that I'm only doing sim city and keeping all the hooligans in order on here I do it when a guild let's me know they think they did something special AND I have time.
10/02/18 22:29
We have had 7 teams in the top 100 all season...if you think that is good enough and more to the point, have time.

[EDIT] Down to 6 now.
[EDIT2] Back up to 7.