I predict a riot

09/11/18 20:55
If the 10 minute rule applies to teams that play friendlies during a GC....................
10/11/18 07:45
I think the new rule actually makes it easier for teams to block out guild challenges. Now they only need to play a friendly every 10min because he will be out of bounds to others for 10min after
10/11/18 07:55
I noticed something funny going on, so this is really 10 min wait? Goes beyond the 7 min wait....why? Is this the standard now?
10/11/18 09:18
This is ridiculous! I submitted a ticket this will piss a lot off!
12/11/18 13:55
Damage Inc. Titans had a moment in a guild challenge a few days ago. We went into the last hour of the guild challenge needing 1 win to secure the draw. And it was an easy win. But one of his guild mates played a friendly and I couldn't close out the challenge. I had to keep hitting the challenge button for almost 10min to make sure I could finish up. Luckily I got it right
12/11/18 14:22
Agree the new rule is pretty frustrating, particularly when trying to work on a strat.

Surely the counter to the GC issue however is not to leave it until the end to finish it, just take the opposition out as quickly as possible, job done.