Update 3.20 patchnotes

13/12/17 16:47
Hi guys!

- New offers in the shop with freebies & gold offers
- Rounds maybe now end in a draw for a fairer game experience
- Killing the enemy minions now has the same priority as killing the King when deciding on the round winner
- Characters with powers triggered at the end of a turn will now trigger their powers at the same time as the enemy team instead of one team then the other.
- One can now drag/drop characters in the setup
- League displayed for guild members
- Quest reward details now visible

17/12/17 06:37
Lovin it!
18/12/17 10:04
Happy to hear so
30/12/17 18:56
Hi neuronix , when trophy are been update in my guilde ?
01/01/18 00:27
So when is thor getting debuffed? Every single person i talk to knows hes OP. You cant counter with a snowman or octopus because if you hit him with either they die in two turns and he still has half his health.
01/01/18 08:13
Thor can be countered, but he’s still OP. That saying, I did ask for a nerf to him and neuronix said he will answer my forum post soon!
01/01/18 14:04
When can we get the trophy bugs sorted out? I'm sick of loosing points when I win or draw.
02/01/18 10:17
@Gizwiz & Babish : Thor is not really that good. Yes, at first I was thinking like you. But I don't remember seeing a Thor in a 10k+ match since weeks...
The metagame is really agressive right now, with Soldier/Ghost/Aviator in almost all decks, and Thor is just too slow to inflict damages. Yes, he's still very good in "low levels" (and good in high). But you will manage to go through that, as we did.
05/01/18 06:54
I agree but the only reason he falls off is because most people cant get him past level 1. But if someone gets him by chance at 1000 trophies they will automatically get to 7000 in a couple days. Kinda dumb that thats a thing.
05/01/18 08:09
He indeed is real strong in low level, if you're lucky enough to drop him in your first days of playing you will fastly grind some trophies, but as Helter said passed a certain level he's litteraly absent and so are all the legendaries and epics, normal cards at lvl 9 and lvl 7 rare beeing totally more interesting overall =P