top ten guilds

21/04/16 23:42
hi to the top ten guilds .. is there any chance you can post your start times for gvg so i can sink our gvg with you guys .. we love to play the hard guys and enjoy the challenge .. thanks and look forward to the matches ..
22/04/16 11:47
So you can boost again Killerkiwis ;0) lol
22/04/16 16:45
llol taff . you have to play someone and i notice you not post your start time .... and please taff keep your words clean lol
22/04/16 18:02
Lmao ... We started this morning at 11.10 BST ...
Complete tomorrow at 11.09 BST and will push the button at 11.30 BST.
Help? lol
23/04/16 02:20
cheers taff. we are close to that time . helps a lot .. shell we try a new point system and find a winner lo
23/04/16 02:20
we need to keep this fast. i could cop a ban at any time lmao
23/04/16 04:28
you don't need to buy more players taff.. lol .. your line ups got enough stars lol
23/04/16 09:53
Only bid to make you smile lol
23/04/16 10:05
lmao i was guessing that taff . i look forward to playing against him lol and to be fair taff . it was one of the very few spots in your team that didnt have 120 stars .lol
23/04/16 10:27
I didn't win him lol