18/09/18 02:08
Whatever you do, if you get an invite from Asylum Of Iconoclastic Legends, ignore it. At first it may seem orite, members are friendly, but if you commit a mistake or misunderstand a rule, there is one guy named Zap, he will turn into an arse hole and will start abusing you. The rule in gc was 12h rule i played all 2 gc games even tho i lost both, yet he suddenly became a jerk, i just said i misunderstood so sorry for that but he wouldnt calm down, and then he maliciously started to harass me saying “i will have funds, i will come to your place and kill you, your gadget wont save you”, he also said the same to Ashley even though he didnt do anything but also pointed out his behavior. I also got involved but i offered my apology and offered to end it but he just ignored it and continued abusing me. Cmon this is only a game why would you need to behave like that as if you were going to rape someone??!! Real leaders never act like that, they immediately try to stop the argument, but HE, he continued it without offering his own apology! This is who he is, he is quality at overreacting over nothing apparently, i honestly thought he was more professional than that. Apart from AKS, Dave and Millwall, everyone just went quiet without offering to stop, Laudrup was absolutely horrible. He supported that unnecessary harassment of Zap at me! Even knowing that im just 14 and he still behaved like that! I clearly didnt deserve this! Even if i misunderstood his rule system he just threw massive amount of racism and stuff at me! So whatever you do, if you join him, and if you oppose him or mistake his rule, be aware and expect that bad things and harassment will come. He is not like who you think he is.
I and Ash got him blocked, i’ve had enough of his harassing. I will think more than twice if they send me an invite. I doubt he will change his horrible attitude.
18/09/18 12:23
That's threatening behaviour you could & should report it to the police
18/09/18 14:03
Greg or Galatsaray!
Go to bed mate.
Sweet Nitro to you, I mean sweet dreams.
19/09/18 20:30
yes I can confirm it's very true what gregory has said I've been in zaps guild before and we was cool he did have my respect but yes he blew up when gregory didn't follow the 12 hr rule and started mocking gregory I then I decided to use gregory's account to defend him and zap personally went and contacted me via FB to give me personal abuse even threatening to meet me and finish me basically. I dont have a clue what's gotten in to the man at one point he was orite but I for one will never ever join a guild with him in and should he ever join in a guild i'm involved in I will automatically kick him or if i'm not leader or rh i'll leave of my own accord .
20/09/18 23:02
I am from the guild and Shaun, read their posts with a pinch of salt (and not pass judgement until you know the whole story) as these 2 lads are the biggest moaners of this game, and I can assure you they both are not that intelligent to understand things and the actual reasons why that infant was booted out. He is a 14 yr old and Ashley, his mentor??? Like father, like son? To be honest, a lot of us never liked Ashley in the first place as he is a bottler who quits repeatedly because "the Iranians" are cheating him of titles, etc. . Haha

We are having a laugh in our guild now. Both consider themselves to be the best players this game can offer, and honestly, we are very happy they have nothing to do with our guild now as we could barely tolerate them and their non-stop complaints about everything.

I feel the need to speak for our guild leaders as both are not into Forums, etc, so, some of us will reply to these nonsensical posts by 2 little boys.
21/09/18 18:53
Hey Ghost - Tell Sporting Clube de Espino he is a big homo. Playing all five of his map games against me in one hour is pretty gay.

At least he finally won that fifth one, Pathetic.

P.S. Does he also consider himself one of the "best players this game can offer" like your other guys?
21/09/18 20:10
Dear Jem,

I look forward to the day your American outlaws start getting points in challenges so we have the opportunity to play you again. Do you remember how the last challenge played out? Wasn't even close. You've got to be better than 5 deep to give us a scare.

I'm not sure what your fascination with homosexuality is but it's clear to me you have the mind of a child. People stopped using gay slurs as insults shortly after they realized that a large chunk of the world is gay. A select few closeted homosexuals will however continue to use these slurs late in life as a mechanism to fool their peers into believing they dig chicks. Does any of this, sound familiar to you, Jem?

Too easy mate we've all seen your type. Insecure bro looking for the approval of others.

Psychedelic Wanderers
21/09/18 20:34
Hi Jem,

Calling me homo or gay is no reason to upset me 'kid', as you grow up, let us all hope you'll feel the same way.

I tend to respect opinion diversity in human behavior, yours included, opinions may diverge too much from one's point of view, some may call it stupidity, some may call it arrogance, in my line of work, opinion diversity leads to debate, debate leads to enlightenment, enlightenment makes us believe we are actually better than we are, so i tend to call it, the Age of Innocence.

I try to take defeats naturally, i stand up, and move on to fight another day, i don't quit, i never do, looks like i did the job well here...

You call yourself "Jem Hadar: Victory is Life"

Using simple Augustus De Morgan logical principles combined with plain grammar, if Victory Is Life, Defeat is Death.

Taking that into account, i want to say, i'm by no means a violent person!
I also wish to declare, it was never my intention to murder you, and for that, i am so sorry!

Meanwhile, i wish you a quick resurrection.

Peace out.
22/09/18 00:20
Hey up Ghosts just to let you know I have never claimed to be the best the game has to offer, there is many a better player than myself all I've ever claimed is to have knowledge of the game and to have learn't from some of the best. sorry your leader is unfortunately a massive ....... who makes up stories and makes false accusations to create drama. It;s funny how he claims to not pass judgment then slags me off for quitting the game briefly now if that aint passing judgement I don't know what is .

so much for being a humble guild ehhhh zap ? another thing the man tried to instill in your guild members yet he was the one that blew up over a rulebreaker, nobody else had an issue but he overstepped the mark what does the man expect? If you abuse members then expect someone to have a go and well that someone was me but lets be honest if it wasn't me it was gunna be somebody else cos you can't just go round blowing up at anything and everything you slightly dislike and well I've learned that myself and generally I'm better off for it. All my guilds are very relaxed places we have our own 12 hr rulings but with flexibility the difference is we don't embarrass our members if someone forgets about it main thing is people play after all this is just a game but suppose you guys are too serious and thats what kills the fun.

anyway good riddance and best of luck I move forward now, I wont be responding this cos it;s not gunna get us anywhere we are never gunna see eye to eye so no point in contiuining the thread
22/09/18 01:15
ashley, maybe you should have found out what was going on before you came to our guild to make accusations as you were lied to by galatsaray as it had nothing to do with 12 hrs rule n whatever galatsaray was talking crap about. that's why some of our guild mates told u to bugger off because u came to our guild n open your big mouth based on unfounded accusations by that mouthy child.

it is very illegal, ash, so stop grooming young boys, you sicko!!!

we are happy where we are n maybe u should quit this game n come back again, n quit n come back again as though u are so important. what ghost said is true, most of us do not like u n think u are just full of horse crap.

now, piss off, ash n small big mouth galatsaray.

p.s. i never say anything here but untruthful posts by "little boys" forced me to post my comments at last.