The Crazy Gang

27/11/15 13:11
Recruiting active players who donate heal kits whenever possible, promotions for players who have been active and helping other members, no fan requirements, must speak English
29/11/15 05:21
what is the minimum fan requirement.
27/08/17 14:46

I have been working on tactics in hopes of being considered for The Crazy Gang. Have you changed guild names, mate? I am not able to find you.
27/08/17 22:47
sames here I went to check your guild out but can't find you
28/08/17 00:54
Wasn't that post 2 years ago.....?
28/08/17 07:16
Guys I knows it's been a long time but it is just really hard to find a good guild in this game. I recognize quality when I see it. With a name like The Crazy Gang, i think we can all agree that they were a top shelf guild.
28/08/17 09:44
Try Come on England