Open transfer market (auction house)

26/01/16 16:19
Buying and selling players is really frustrating.

1. Would be good to be able to bid for other team's players (and them bid for mine), offer counter offers etc, like real life football
2. Would be handy to create a 'global' transfer market where all players listed for sale are available, and you can filter better by player quality, and not just limit the market to the championship level you play in
27/01/16 07:05
agree, open up the market to all levels
27/01/16 07:07
Exactly. this would make the game more realistic.
26/02/16 13:11
I like this idea.
Very nice
27/02/16 02:09
would love the chance to bid for higher levels..makes your team stronger and able to compete better...think this is a common sense thing to do
29/02/16 04:08
i think this is a very good idea. This will allow me to sell my players to lower level teams and earn recruiter points which i could blow on getting players from higher levels.