Debate for MB

25/02/16 10:30
Hello everyone,

We have in the idea to make a change at the level of match bonuses.

If you have ideas, thank you to develop them on this topic.

Thank you to provide a healthy and constructive debate.

Best Regard,

25/02/16 14:23
Thanks for introducing a debate on this matter, its much appreciated

Match bonus's should perhaps be proportioned to a lower percentage of the total result. At the moment a 100% match bonus doubles your probability of winning, perhaps this should be reduced, say to 25%.
26/02/16 13:20
Excessive usage of match bonus should have a diminishing effect, if you use it on every league game eventually it has no effect as the players see it as their regular salary not a bonus, then taking it off would cause lower moral/motivation.
Also agree with vishal that currently its too powerful, balancing the cost to boost needs to be looked at. Maybe around 500k per 1% boost or something like that.
27/02/16 10:49
25% maximum bonus is enough indeed

Off topic: very nice to have a place to debate, but there is already a ideas page ...did you guys forget about this, because there are penty of good ideas, but no responses !!
29/02/16 11:02
I also like the idea from the French forum (by MCKA) of having a max match bonus for a period per compition.. eg. a total of 200 percent for the entire championship.. so you could choose to use your 200% as combinations that cannot exceed the 200% in that period. Eg. you could use 100 percent match bonus in two matches or 20 percent match bonus in ten matches, etc..
29/02/16 15:30
very good idea indeed !!
04/03/16 22:51