Ladder positions after a draw.

15/09/17 13:27
How does the game work out ladder positions. If both teams draw the first game of season. One gets ranked 7th, the other gets ranked 11th. Was a 1-1 draw and away team is now 11th. Its not alphabetical, as team that's 7th starts with P and was home team, team that's 11th starts with L. Please explain this ?... Ridiculous and unrealistic !
15/09/17 18:30
Been playing this for 18 months & never worked it out but all the same does it matter its only for the first day or three
19/09/17 10:07
I think that if you draw against an Iranian, then the Iranian automatically put above any other nationality but if two Iranians draw the it goes alphabetically.... in their alphabet that is!

Please correct me if I'm wrong but I'm only going by what I have seen.
20/09/17 15:24
Ranking is first by points then alphanumeric value.. characters and numbers rank higher that alphabets .. it seems like the Arabic letters picks up as characters which then pops them up the table..

It sucks that this is the ranking system, sure there should be other parameters other that based on the name of a team