Leagues being fixed for certain teams to automatactially go up

14/12/17 00:32
Hi all , this league has consisted of 8 teams meaning everybody automatically gets a promotion funny enough not one player belongs to a European guild.

Galatasaray FC - Iran Urmia Death
I'm Rambo Gold empire- Persian Empire
@saeed69ra empire - Persian empire
I'm Rambo Kish empire - Persian empire (no suprises)
FC Urmia Lake - Iran Urmia Death
Roman Ibramomvich - no guild currently
Perspolsis real 6 -no guild

However all have been promoted because the league only consists of 8 teams
14/12/17 09:47
Sounds fishy af. Answers?
14/12/17 09:58
I'm awaiting a response from support my friend but i do agree 3 of the teams were from Persian empire out of all the teams that have reached level 58 it does look a bit odd
15/12/17 14:28
Usual story- cheating nation teams pampered and favoured !!! Would really love to play or coach with a real team on real field against them in the real world.!!!
16/12/17 10:20
Somebody my guild last season had 14 in his league but they all only played 12 games & all started on day 2 work that one out because I cant
16/12/17 14:06
ermmm strange that one shaun heres the response i got
This does not mean that there was cheating.
We will supervise that.

The Football Champions 2 support team
17/12/17 00:14
One stunt they are pulling for sure is throwing games to make sure there mates keep the top 3 places sure you expect the top 3 to win but when they all beat a top 6 or 7 team by 5 or 6 goals you just know its bent
17/12/17 10:09
3 of my guild members are in the same league and have already said if they're in a good position and the other one isn't they'll let there the lower player get a massive amount o goals to boost there way through the league
16/01/18 09:56
Some very buggy leagues at the top this season. Fc kish level 63 (...) and MIMICKING THE DANGER IS VERY SERIOUS level 63 (...) have been put in a league filled of level 55 teams that are clearly inactive.

Guildmate Bell's Angels is in a league with 9 teams. they are forced to play 2 simultaneous league games every other day rather than the usual 1 per day.

I'm not sure how we've got to this point but it didn't seem to be an issue until recently. I suspect a few factors like the ability to "skip a league for gold balls" and the issue of what to do with inactive teams! I think once a team in deemed inactive they should not be placed into a league until activity resumes. I don't have all the answer but I see a few flaws, sweet nitro!
16/01/18 10:04
i agree with that bandit