Get that red speaker symbol off my ....... screen

17/03/18 09:11
it only happens when playing this game I get a red speaker symbol covering my screen and then it disconnects me from the game temporarily there is nothing wrong with my connection i'm pulling 50MB and just to add insult to injury just watched the replay back as I missed the match due to the game screwing me and I did see how I had the ball in the net on the gvg challenge only for it to magically be brought back for a pen or course I didn't score from it no points for guessing the nationality of the opponent, and as a result ended up drawing the game . The level of cheating going on is something that is absolutely disgusting and well I've had enough so when my pack players retire i'm retiring too .
17/03/18 21:29
And Leeds lost too didn't they, one helluva day! Shame if you do quit as the forum will be officially dead then; take a break mate, a little time away can help - MK
17/03/18 22:47
it can i 'm defo contemplating with it MK , although we did just get a big player in world elite join us to replace Real madrid . Yeah Leeds lost but theesedays we just expect to lose it's easiest bet you' can ever make a win on lol.
18/03/18 06:26
Eeeh Ashley Ashley I also have this kind of shit on me yea you’re not the only one
19/03/18 02:16
I've had the speaker a couple of times but no lost connection yet I thought it was something to do with sound being off
19/03/18 10:55
Ashley I don't get it you have been pizzed off with the game for ages yet you are still putting cash into their pockets

I'm not saying I never will but right now it has to improve for them to ever get any out of me & as for these clowns who spend hundreds they must need a chat with a nice doctor I would much rather spend it on extras while on holiday or something like that than on a bent game like this
20/03/18 20:48
aint spent a penny in ages I bought two pack players along time ago but refuse to fund a game I find little enjoyment in If it wasn't for my guild i'd of retired a while back i'm just awaiting for the 2 players i bought to retire before thinking of hanging up the boots soon.