Free First Aid Kits.

09/02/19 08:29
has anyone else notice they stop giving free 1st aid kits?
09/02/19 09:14
Cant say I had but then again I think that was connected to Facebook & I would not touch that with a bargepole if they paid me
09/02/19 10:11
lol nd yes i do plat thru fb so might not effect you just wondered?
10/02/19 13:49
It was a through Facebook thing I had not even noticed it had gone though
10/02/19 21:34
Yes it's been like that for weeks , I know exactly why they've done it to try to force you to pay for pack players knowing you physically wont have enough health kits to cover the injuries , It's a way of trying to get you to pay on the sly I've noticed since the sly update injuries are appearing more regularly than ever I would rather lose every league game than pay for a game that the people at the top have done nothing to help it's most loyal members .
11/02/19 16:36
Dead right my two teams have had about 3 times as many injury's as normal this season