match bonus

21/02/16 10:54
As MB is not likely to be removed from the game, a lot of guys are considering leaving this game ! could you take the MB out when you have teams reaching 100* for 5 or more players, as obviously they don't need it as there skill level are maxed!
22/02/16 08:30
The MB needs reform but not getting rid of completely after all in reality players get match bonuses! There is a lot of talk from those in the top guilds about this but as I'm at level 13 and play these guys in the league and tournaments believe me they are also using a match bonus. I personally don't play a bonus at all at the moment because I soon realised that teams at this level are all so desperate to win they are playing top bonuses! My tactics were good at the previous level and I was competitive but at level 13 I can hardly win a competitive game against teams rated either 10* above or below me. If I play the same teams in friendlies I am competitive (i.e no bonus)!

If people want to leave let them leave! If the match bonus goes they will find something else to whinge about!

I won't get promoted this season and hopefully being effectively back at a lower level my team which is 70+ star rating will be more competitive,

If match bonus is to go then other things need to change. A limit on squad sizes needs to come in, there is a significant number of teams with in excess of 100 players.

There are certain teams buying up all the 18/19 yr old players at ridulously high prices, some in excess of 30,000 recruiter points, this is stifling the game.

This only happening at the top level and these guys want a monopoly for themselves!
22/02/16 19:42
Completely agree with the response SS. MB is a little like Mar-mite - either love it or hate it, but its still around. I have a real issue with people hoarding players which will become a real impediment for the majority of players to progress in the game (or to at least feel that they can).

Something may be done to level out MB. However, something NEEDS to be done about making player auction/recruitment more reasonable/achievable - and quick. Or there will be no need for MB, as all the good rated players will be in only a few teams with everyone else having 10* players in their squads

Surely the money players can win when its "that stacked" in their favour