Best teams in the game?

09/05/16 21:18
You guys set a good benchmark. Would also like to see a ranking of guilds by team ability rather than fans. We at SA BOYS had a really enjoyable GC today against Brothers In Arms (managed a draw with a last minute penalty in our 20th challenge game). To be fair, neither Rhinos nor Poo Poo Pirates were playing so we know we were a little fortunate...

Wonder what is going to happen in a few weeks' time when the top teams reach level 20? Will it just continue at that level with more and more teams qualifying or will we see a new version? Anyway, good to play you guys even if it is loaded with MB and 2,345,354 replacements
10/05/16 10:08
Great to hear of a good, fun GvG ... It's been a while :0)
40 games today BIA ?
10/05/16 13:27
Not that I'm involved in this one Taff but we always try to get as close to our 20 games as possible...

I suspect we may be seeing a 10:10 draw at the end of this one!
10/05/16 14:55
Well I only stepped in as TTT hasn't been on in a while
Should the option arise, anyone specific need cash ?
11/05/16 10:17
Thanks BIA .... Thought I had messed that up big time lmao, starting on wrong strategy not a good idea in 20th home game with the scores 9-10 .......
3-0 is too close for my heart lol
12/05/16 10:06
arr another gvg with a french team . can anyone guess what happened ,, a peanut for the winner lol ..
12/05/16 11:18
I am allergic to peanuts lol
12/05/16 12:46
French teams should be barred from gvg....lucky if they play two or three games
12/05/16 14:41
Ben Essien :

French teams should be barred from gvg....lucky if they play two or three games

I completely agree Ben. It's a recurring joke in our guild and we hate playing them...or them not playing us as the case often is. I started a thread about banning inactive guilds from GvG. It takes the fun away for those of us who enjoy the competition, even if there's generally the inevitable10-10 draw at the end.
12/05/16 15:04
im for the ban lol