International lions v Webb Ellis

20/09/16 08:29
Good to see you are back to your usual self Caernarfon.
I don't see a single post from me that 'croaks', I always expected a draw, and never underestimate the opponent, contrary to your belief, but also because I knew that a loss would be unbearable for you guys (you) and thus the slider would be hard right.
As for the win lose or draw any GvG, I guess the words "a draw is the best we can hope for and a lose unthinkable" wasn't said by your guild then lol

Onwards and upwards, enjoy the future battles.
It is a strategy game that's here for fun :0)
20/09/16 09:54
No you didnt Taff but look back at what was said by Els Dynamo.
20/09/16 10:03
And I'd have been right if you hadn't used artificial stimulants...
20/09/16 11:13
Pretty much any guild could remain unbeaten in g v g if mb is used, it ain't rocket science and an unbeaten record while using mb is nothing to be proud of!!