A BUG, A BIG BUG... a level 20 playing a level 60 for gold balls, crazE

18/04/18 00:55
Hi.. how can a level 10 team be playing against a level 50 team for the special tournaments.... whats the chances of smaller teams actually winning the tournaments, the ones that DO actually need the rewards... what's the purpose of a full visa'd team winning all the way to claim the ultimate price... surely a level 20 team will not win the no.1 prize.

Why can the special tournaments not be level specific?????
19/04/18 08:18
You still on about this? Posting in every forum is just going to annoy people.

Bud it's just like the world cup. It's a special tournament that comes around every 4 years and the best countries take part. This special tournament is the same, only everybody is free to enter and see how far they can get.

The way you're crying foul is like the Baysville u14 team complaining they don't have a chance of beating the All Blacks in the World Cup. Sorry bud, but I don't believe in equality of outcomes, but in equality of opportunity. If you keep climbing the ranks like each All Black did from age group rugby through club rugby and ultimately professional rugby and international, you too will get your opportunity to challenge for a win in this tournament.

Now maybe your point is that you want a special tournament for each level. There are 65 levels though... might be a bit much for the developers to care about putting the effort in.

Maybe continue organising custom tournaments until you're of a high enough level to compete in the special ones. After all, having this sort of special tournament at the top is a good incentive to keep climbing the levels.
19/04/18 18:35
either way was not winning with answers received... as well doesnt matter, 1 mere level 20 voice "level 16" in my was probably not gona make any difference..

posting in different groups was to get theee attention.. ur answer was more clear and simple then what i received from all other responses so cheers for that... will consider whether i continue with the game.
19/04/18 20:46
Come and join us at Damage Inc. Labs. We have in-house tournaments for you to work on your team and measure yourself against similar level opponents, and get opportunities for promotion
21/04/18 23:22
got the invite will join soon as GC ends