Rugby manager development team

19/02/19 15:06
Updates so far agreed by 30+ guilds are

- Consistency: More consistent game result between League/Map/Friendly/Gc

- Start Times: Keep as they are this season

- All building upgrades need costs next to them

- Training :1hr to be added

- Less energy wasted in league & cup matches

- Auto subs: In all games League/Cup/Gc/friendly

- Visa players to have one free change of position at time of buying

- triple promotions: top 3 get +4 attributes

- New plot of land: Training academy that will both train younger players and give main team access to coaches

- Recode the auction house to include recruitment parameters and recruiters

- Recode finance building to include a stock exchange/shares option

- Home & away kits for each team

- Training adverts / watch videos for free training points per day

- Heal kit videos / watch videos for up to 50 free heal kits per day

- Two minute delay between playing/receiving friendly matches

- Notification of upcoming Cup games

- Ability to see guild members player instructions (48 hrs after joining guild)

- Ability to see all divisions across your league level

- All plots of land have the abillity to be opened by cash as well as gold balls

- New Penalty Options:

Pop-up for 2/3 sec so you can decide on each penalty... if you dont pick an option within the 2/3 sec, default will be picked.

Customize default option in strat.

Game time to be paused during this.

Options to be:
• Line out
• Scrum
• Run
• Kick for goal

- World Cup to be added

- Multiple saved player strategy instructions

- Scrap kicking distance from global strat. Add it to player instructions. Put it in % in relation of the length of the field (100% meaning length of the field)

- Eemojis to be added to guild chat

- Yellow cards

– Kicks straight into touch – line out from where the kick was taken, not where the ball landed. (And line outs where it crosses the line, not where it lands.)

– When you’re chasing back and catch a player who has broken through to at least be able to stop them some of the time.
Should be easier to tackle them from behind than head on. Will open the game up.

- Clubhouse:- Just a global chat feature where people can utilise it to recruit etc.
Will be useful for newer players who are struggling to find guilds/ information about the game as the forum's are redundant now.
it doesn't even need to have a location could just be an icon.

- Random chance conversion missed based on distance and angle

- Pirate flag, LGBT flag, Cornish Flag Adding

- Latest scores feture (so players dont need to enter games to check on scores)

- Guild challenge page where you can see all active GVG and the score

- when the ball carrier breaks the line, his 2 closest teammates (back or forward) become support runners so if ball carrier is tackled from behind, there’s an option to pass the ball

- fans added for defending training match
19/02/19 20:36
Can you please explain the "Intensity" aspect of the new changes? Thanks, so far so good
19/02/19 20:37
O'Seanny Cash :

Can you please explain the "Intensity" aspect of the new changes? Thanks, so far so good

In greater detail
19/02/19 20:37

19/02/19 21:18
Nah Sean. The "Top 30" guilds are now really gonna mess up the game. Some points are good changes but if all of these changes comes into effect, we can just as well go play Blackout Rugby. Because it will almost be a exact duplicate of that game.
20/02/19 08:08
Kicking should be the first thing they sort kick distance is set at 0, and about 90% of upfield kicks go beyond the dead ball line. been like it for bloody ages, so the dev's are either having trouble solving the problem, or the don't think it's important enough to try to resolve
20/02/19 10:03
Are they scrapping heal kits thru facebook? As its gone on the latest update?
20/02/19 10:48
Put the window dressing and income generating upgrades to the bottom of the list. Put the game play upgrades to the top and sort out all the glitches. We already have home and away kits - red or blue!
21/02/19 13:55
faceook are stopping game requests and in so will kill off our facebook heals.

a new souloution is being made as we speak for this

Seany, we're all in the dark about this new intensity update as well, no officale anouncment has been made.

we encourage one member from every guild in the game to join the develpment team please.

Sukitansee, some teams voted to have different colours for there teams, simple update for nitro to code.
23/02/19 10:28
No updates should be released until they are ready for all game platforms. ipad users still cant auto sub even though this has been live for all other platforms for almost a week. major disadvantage for a lot of users.