Can i reset a formation?

07/01/19 17:00
Hi guys, i have lost due retirement few players and now in my formation the game has added in the empty spaces other players with other tasks (ex. a QB in a K position). I want to reset the squad to defaults so i can buy new players for the specific roles.
Any help? So to speak, i'm not too used in Football positions and schemes....
07/01/19 22:28
well the easy way to reset All your plays to defaulkt to the deleat the default folder then make a new folder...

when you make a new folder all the BASE Plays are in it

08/01/19 00:30
Go to the Auction House and fill up your roster. You might have to start with bottom end players to fill holes.
08/08/19 22:02
go -15 les pyjs mdrr jppp