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It is forbidden to use the auctions to transfer money to another team. Indeed, if a person buys a bad player for a great amount of money, he is actually transferring money to the seller. Players will report this form of cheating on the forum in general. We generally ban the cheaters for 3 days the first time, then 7 etc.

Every time I place a bid, some else bids higher. Are they cheating?

No, the auction system is dynamic. The displayed bid amount is the second highest bid + 1.

1. Player A bids 100, the displayed bid is 100 and A is the highest bidder
2. Player B bids 150, the displayed bid is 101 and B is the highest bidder
3. Player A bids 120, the displayed bid is 121 and B is the highest bidder
3. Player A bids 200, the displayed bid is 151 and A is the highest bidder

Cheating with the auction system

It is strictly forbidden to pass money to another player by bidding way over a player's real value.

Users can report possible frauds and moderators will punish such behaviour.

How come I don't get any videos to watch?

You can only watch a video every 30min.

Video providers have variable stock and can also choose which user can watch videos or not. Therefore, we have no control over the rate at which videos are delivered.

Furthermore, if you try to cheat, watch too many videos or don't follow the procedure properly, video providers can stop delivering videos to your account.