06/10/18 12:01
Hi Bm
I do genuinely like you, you make the Forum interesting. At times you go too far.
At this time you have been 'hoisted by your own petard'. As regards 'not reading comments' this is something YOU do with regularity. Quote from middle of page 6

'I'm still waiting for 'the 'dressing down', As I read things incorrectly, I'm waiting for my dressing gown to be delivered.'

As you see I didn't mis-type, it was a reference to the above comment.

Your sarcasm has been overtuned and in your words I 'totally win'
So, let's move on now. I won't respond to any more posts on this thread.

06/10/18 14:39
Luckily as always I'm not looking for a win, but you have shown a complete inability to think logically and you have inherited a need to write a thesis to misinterpret everyone else's statemetpnt. As I have been saying throughout, I wish nothing but the best and I hope that you all manage to get above 140 as that seems to be causing significant distress.
09/10/18 13:44
9 game 9 losses - 206 points.... it is so nice of your guild to carry dead weight like yourself.... that is an impressive losing streak you got going on there... Congratulations.... Looks like you headed for another double promotion that you regularly get.... you nearly have the same about as points at the number 1 in your championship, except in negative... well done

and don't worry your little heart about about our position... we will be working our way up soon enough...
09/10/18 13:46
Do you know the difference? I acknowledge my shortcomings. You attempt to rationalize them as strengths.
09/10/18 13:52
Also, just so you understand the logic argument that has been put forth, you are 100% supporting my argument. When I am at a level 5 from the top I double promote and with absolutely no changes when I'm 3 from the top I get relegated. You all are dominating levels that are way below the cream level, you might be great but we won't know for another 6-12 months. So thank you once again.
09/10/18 14:04
I'm feeling nice so I will tell you guys the crux of the argument. If you want to be able to state that there is no cream level and thus your champ results mean anything you just have to do one thing. Prove that I'm way better than I say I am. But we agree how bad I am so the crux and argument both stand firm and despite attempts to test the argument there remains no signs of distress.
09/10/18 14:12
Try explain that in english please.... nobody has a clue what you are saying... but once again you have hijacked a post ... what does this have to do with match fixing.... go back to the hole you can from, and when somebody wants your opinion they will have a KAK.

09/10/18 14:15
Sorry hooligan, everyone understands exactly what I'm saying, except one group. And remember, I stated from the beginning that all I was doing was showing a guys integrity was in good standing and I didn't want to argue, two of you wanted to argue. I have been very cordial throughout and will remain so. I am sorry that basic logical premise premise conclusion eludes you, but that is not the fault of me or logic. Have a wonderful day.
09/10/18 14:27
Do you randomly google words and through it in to make you sound smart?

Premise. ... "In other words, a premise is an assumption that something is true. In logic, an argument requires a set of (at least) two declarative sentences (or "propositions") known as the premises or premisses along with another declarative sentence (or "proposition") known as the conclusion."

how does that sentence even make sense? o that is right it doesn't .... because you passed it twice.... " logical premise premise conclusion"

Shock me, say something intelligent. i dear you

09/10/18 14:30
Are you reading your definition you copy and pasted? Please read it.