fans for training games

20/11/16 12:01
how doe's it work? if someone challenges you in a training and you beat them you get nothing as the away team but if you lose as the away team you lose fans too how is this fair? if your going to lose fans as the away team surely you should be able to win them aswell!!!!
yet another thing sublinet has put against us if the iranian guilds was'nt enough to cope with
21/11/16 15:00
Once you hit 120+ not many will be challenging you in training
21/11/16 18:24
yes i know ashley the higher you get the fewer challenges u get its just a bit unfair u prepare yrself for league tourny or gc but training games u don't unless yr doing the challenge
21/11/16 19:19
I see your point taffy I will challenge anybody regardless of rating in training matches but yes the game is unfair how you can't defend yourself as you can't prep for someone going up against you in training match with 60% health for example after you've just done intensive training