Level 46 clown playing level 13 team.

01/01/18 15:55
Does anyone know or speak to guild English Premier League ?. One of their leaders Chelsea likes to play friendlies against level 13 teams, he is level 46 and ranked 505. Big hero, grow some balls and play closer to his own level ! Please pass this message on to him . and happy new year !
01/01/18 22:13
02/01/18 05:46
I would assume he was just "topping up" his fan base to max.... I don't think he was playing a level 13 to feel big mate, lol.
02/01/18 12:46
Was 2 friendlies. Not training games. Check his schedule, he is a A grade wanker !
02/01/18 13:31
Agree with you about Chelsea team, has played that level 13 team three times now... Is he poaching/ scouting or a Bully ... Either way ,perhaps its time someone paid him back by hammering him 3 or 4 times ! Maybe we keep outing their pathetic antics on this chat forum, and someone can pass on the message to Chelsea and other teams that pull these stunts !
02/01/18 16:14
Simple answer take him on
02/01/18 20:54
just destroying his team for you now Guest
02/01/18 20:57
i now understand why he plays below his rank just conceded 10 to me LMAO probably can't beat anything near his own level hence he has to pick on level 13's
02/01/18 22:43
Thanks. He does same thing to his own guild teams. Old saying; what goes around, comes around !... Karma !
03/01/18 11:58
No worries guest he's played me back 4 times since and failed to score a goal , if you ever want teaching a good tactic play my account in world elite ashley longthorn or dark destroyer in rebels and I'll invite you to either rebels or World elite depending on level of team and i'll help you go up the levels