The Iranian poison pill.

29/03/19 21:09
I am the guild leader of PRO BOWLERS. Usually, I like to keep the guild around 23-24 guys in the guild. If someone tends to disappear for a week or so, then off they go and a new player comes on in and life goes on. This is also easier for guild challenges with most everyone in our guild highly active.

Anyway, the past month or so, I have had various Iranian players join (however, some of them like to change to the US flag and rename their team something creative like "USA", but we all know where they are from). Anyway, they show on up and.........never do a thing. Never send a heal, never play a guild game. Nothing. This has happened with five different players the past few weeks in our guild.

I am beginning to think that these guys are retiring from the game, and on their way out, they hop on into a non-Iranian guild with the intention of doing absolutely nothing and simply weakening the guild with their inactive presence. As any active guild knows, inactivity is a death knell for a guild and if these players aren't removed quickly, it won't be long until the guild is lost forever to inactives. I am believing this is being done intentionally for the sole purpose of making other guilds weaker and putting inactive players in their to do just that.

Anyway, just something to watch out for. I give them exactly one guild challenge and a very firm message mailed to them pretty much saying....I know you're here to do absolutely nothing. Either play both guild challenge games are you are gone. And they are all gone within 72 hours of joining our guild. I have begun calling these players "poison pills" for the harm they are able to inflict on a guilds health if not immediately identified and removed.

P.S. Ashley...your Rebels guild does not need to keep inviting my entire guild to your guild multiple times a week.
30/03/19 21:32
Hi Jem thanks for the pre warning, about iranian teams one of the reasons I don't generally take them we've had the odd player ourselves but we've been lucky they turn up ones we have and apologies obviously there is me that sends invites but i get the whole guild to send invites as the more the merrier is what i tell them i personally donot go through guilds I go via leagues me will just go down inviting every non iranian team going which lets be honest now there isn't so many on the game , I can ask my lot for you not to send probowlers invites but your team may still recieve an odd invite as we have regular clearouts 1 once per season if needs be .
31/03/19 00:10
So nothing has changed since I last played then! I said something along the same lines and was accused of racism... it's not racism if its fact.
31/03/19 20:15
We just don't take Iranians if they ever start playing straight then things will change but somehow I doubt we will ever have one
31/03/19 20:25
I don't mind iranian teams as long as they play GC and send heals I've actually got two teams from iran atm one i'm really happy with other is new but on my watch list for reasons like jem said seems to be doing not much sends an odd heal but plays one gc then not others even tho he;s online
03/04/19 00:43
Like I say we are just sick of them our policy is if in doubt kick them out & if anybody reads the intro to our Guild they will see it says No Iranians & if they cry racism we will just say its because we are sick of their cheating & if we are told to remove it then we will but if one joins whoever is on at the time will still just instantly kick them
04/04/19 11:26
I've got one Iranian currently if he doesnt start being active I'm just gunna give the boot straight to i'd usually give a season but suspect this man is a waste of time 1 gc out of a possible 6 so far not to mention 0 heals sent so he's got weekend to improve otherwise Ill axe him from the team
07/04/19 10:08
Hello my friend
The Iranians do not need to spy on your group. The Iranians are powerful enough to make you dirty, and this is a cowardly thing that only you can do. This statement can not justify your failure. Iran is the best.
07/04/19 10:09
I am lost & gost
07/04/19 10:11
John Millwall :

So nothing has changed since I last played then! I said something along the same lines and was accused of racism... it's not racism if its fact.

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