Auction House

18/01/16 08:41

After last seasons league win I moved to championship 11 but have found a particular problem that only some people will have.
I found out that the auction house is only set up to your championship level, as such I can only buy players from champ 11 and there aren't that many of us at this level. There are no players available to improve my squad even though I have points to spend and clearly this will only get worse as the number of top championship teams reduces year on year.
My suggestion is to combine 10/11 or go even further and combine several levels.
20/01/16 10:49
I think that as suggested you should be able to have a broader spectrum of players available in the auction. Particularly when it comes to selling players no one is likely to want, in your own level, one of your weaker players. You should be able to sell to an open market.
27/01/16 23:10
Sublinet?? Will there be any players left in championship
12 next year??
29/01/16 23:30
Fund this so annoying as the teams will half again next year. Not happy!!!