'Play A Match' area

08/08/16 17:04
In this area there are 8 potential opponents. Can you advise me how often these refresh please?
is it individually per stadium, or at a set time?
Do they only refresh if all opponents have been cleared?

so some info on this would be great please.

08/08/16 18:53
These are training matches ...
As you clear space, a new opponent is delivered every 4 hours.

They use a small amount of energy but award training points to your players.

Play 6 a day
08/08/16 19:29
Hi Taff,
thanks for your response. 4 hours, thanks thats a hard stat that I can get hold of!
do you know about the training points, it doesn't seem to be a point a match and I wonder how this is calculated and assume that it is partially reliant on the training speed
08/08/16 20:39
Impossible to say given its based on training speed, energy and training ground level, but aim at 10 TPs per player per day and you will do well.
09/08/16 14:49
thanks Taff, that all makes sense. It's a shame but no surprise that none of the developers managed to provide a response. I don't think the 4 hour refresh rate is correct because all the slots aren't full in the morning.
09/08/16 16:33
8 slots, start empty, 32 hours to fill.
Sometimes if you play a game, miraculously the empties fill, a refresh bug me thinks.