The Game is so racist.

07/11/16 23:27
Why are all the players name so christian let alone Anglo-Saxon? Thanks for overlooking pacific islanders, native South Africans, native Aussies, Guineans, Japanese, mixed race Home nations players, and Argentinians on the Tier 1 International stage. Oh and don't get me started on Tier 2 nations and further down the line. Solution: Reduce the inequality with the names. And by reduction, I mean make it equal. Programme a formula to rotate different names equally.

Your better than this.

Oh and avoiding contradiction. Give the players nationalities and introduce a scouting system into the bidding process by having to deal with agents and entice players about what makes one's club unique such as superb training facilities, strong infirmary, being a star of a team, playing in a team full of international stars etc. Maybe even add a academy into the mixer. And steal academy players from each other could spice things up. Also introduce 'International Tests.' So for clubs who are in the Top 5/6 of the championship by the mid way stage ( 7 Games) automatically lose their top 2 or 3 stars to ''International Duty''. Get some cash in return but not much. Would definitely make the league so much for interesting

07/11/16 23:50
Although it's an overstatement to use the word 'racist' I agree it would be much better to provide a wider range of names.
08/11/16 00:38
Another social justice warrior going stupidly overboard and almost invalidating an otherwise valid point. I wish we could name our players, the names don't include many names at all and is very limited. There should be names that are all over the rugby world and not just the top 6 teams. But that makes the game racist? Wow
08/11/16 09:38
Will leave this here as there are 'ideas'. Agreed though, hardly racist!
08/11/16 12:43
Here is a solution for you... in protest don't buy any players with so called Christian or anglo saxton names. Cmon seriously the game has bigger issues than player names.
13/11/16 12:29
of all the complaints about the game this is probably the easiest to fix as its likely the names are generated from a standard list of 100, just needs to be expanded. however it is not racist to have not considered expanding the list since the games invention.
14/11/16 05:51
Its just another example of lazy game development really.
17/11/16 16:23
Thank you to the last two posts. I have no desire to make it a big deal. I sincerely don't. I'm not trying to make this game worse. I want to be better. It's a simple coding thing...The fact that nothing's changed, just makes my claim even more valid by the day that racism does exist.

Put it this way: I really enjoy this game. It's great. I have high respects for it and it's been well developed. The names are not a big deal. But. It is just poor from a game developer's reputation that you can't even accommodate a ethical and valid point. It's your reputation as a game development company.

I apologize the way I framed it may have come across as aggressive but it's a simple change. The resistance actually makes my point valid. I don't want that. Just prove me wrong and change some of the names.

Thanks. I'll even say thanks for doing something moral.

Light racists think before you say something stupid in public. And show your name. Man up to your beliefs.
17/11/16 17:08
So because they make no changes at all to any of the game that makes your claim of racism legit? It's not an ethical complaint, valid yes, but name the ethical framework that it violates. My name is Tim, i am a master's level social worker, i literally fight against true racism. Now let's test out your hypothesis and conclusion.

Mb in real life does not exist for humans, therefore it is supernatural or alien. This game must remove mb immediately or they will prove that they are aliens from a distant galaxy.

Now, if mb is not changed we have proof that the game is created by aliens. While it might be easy to assume that the game developers simply DONT CARE ABOUT THESE THINGS. Because I framed the complaint in this way it is proof of alien technology and racism at the exact same level. Which in reality is 0%.

Please learn what constitutes racism, and please learn about logic
17/11/16 17:37
Just to point out, this is game game made by French people from France yet the names are not French names for the most part. By your logic they are being racist against themselves!

Also... A name CANNOT constitute racism. I have 2 African friends from Ghana, Andrew and Anna, which are names you see all over. The fact that they are African has zero to do with the noises your mouth makes when you speak their name. As a rule, a majority of rugby players have "English" or "French" sounding names as these are the main countries that play top level (with the obvious exceptions from more recent times) so they are pretty bang on for the majority

-Definition of racism "the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races."

A first name is not a derogatory remark against a race, but if it now is and the definition has changed, I should tell my Ghanaian friends that their parents are racist for giving them names like that!