Name change?

19/01/17 21:29
Why did someone change their name to say hobbs is c***? Was this justified? What happened?
19/01/17 23:04
Nm, just looked at their schedules and I think I get that they are concern about a possibility that things weren't as promised, disregard and carry on.
20/01/17 00:39
Oh wow! Another person who is in my championship has a name that says no mb used but today put a beating on another guy with no mb in the name, then an immediate rematch that was starkly different. Seems like an odd little pattern developing. This game engine is odd how it works, will keep trying to figure it out I guess. I need to figure out how to put up these huge numbers in champ and tourney without mb, very impressive skills being displayed
20/01/17 07:04
Bud Can ask you the same thing why Black Monks c***?

Ag shame you got beaten by a LV34 Hobbit with a 135* team and now you crying about the name?

Bud grow up. Ag no forgot this is the only way you get satisfaction for yourself by arguing. Well done

Moderator kindly shut this guys down tired of all the comments.
20/01/17 07:29
What? I'm so lost by that response. I saw a name and asked why it was there, then found out why, then backed away. Did all in 3rd half too. What does a moderator have to do with any of this?

I'm rereading your response, do you think I called hobbs that? I didnt, someone in the game changed their name to that and I asked why. Read my stuff above, never called anyone a name.

And why are you calling qball a hobbit? He is a solid player, I'm really lost by your response tbh.
20/01/17 08:01
Black Monks i am Hobbs in the game and qball is one of my Right hands.

Who posted that?A wait maybe Poo Poo Pirates as i used mb to clear my banks a bit as it was full and builders were busy.

Qball is a solid player yes. Apologies read it wrong.
20/01/17 08:05
Ok makes sense now, couldnt tell if you were defending you or attacking you. I was askking if it was justified to call you a c***. Not calling you one. Not a big fan of the word tbh. Poo poo must have been excited to have an mb free game and got rather ticked off when it wasn't mb free if he was going to use that language.
20/01/17 08:13
Yeah true probably justified yes. The other right hands in his guild played me as well and i played them back and beat them as well in friendlies and beat The pirate as well again but with a lower margin. Now a days you don't know whether anyone is going to use mb or not?

So think more luck of the draw and it was him unfortunately. I have been MB to death and have not changed my name or thrown a hissy fit about it as this is a game and that is some of the punches so to speak. I rarely use MB and in gvg not at all.
20/01/17 08:21
Yeah, I've never used mb in gvg, our guilds are both mb free in gvg. Ever thought about changing name to hobbs 0% mb gvg? Would make it where you could tell poo poo to bugger off. And I agree, I don't see how anyone can be in top league without mb, I know croxton made it there mb free but it's beyond me how.
20/01/17 08:39
I am not playing tournaments anymore because of mb being used as well.

To be honest i don't think anyone can make it there without mb being used at all.

For me know it is all about fans and not ranking.My current ranking is almost 2000 now i think and don't even get challenged that much if it is once a day currently it is a lot. I would rather keep fans up and our guild in the top 10.