Best name ever?

25/07/17 16:22
It is always disappointing to see people leaving the game, especially long standing teams. But if you are going to go out, why not do it in style. Surely this is one of the best team names ever? Goodbye and good luck to:
The Poo Poo Pirates have walked the plank................
25/07/17 22:42
PPP was a brilliant player. But they once told me they hate people playing them a few minutes before they had a Championship or Cup match. So guess what happened every time we played!

Tucker from Worcester's and Whale's guild always gave me a chuckle when they changed their name.
25/07/17 22:47
Whales has gone for good also. Changed his name a few times....Whales, Aardvark, Pork Chops and Whales is Back to name but a few. He was our top dog for a long time but sadly his real life commitments and lack of joy for the game any longer meant he sold up his team and has gone.

He is also a "salt of the earth" person in real life. Our whole Guild misses him.
29/07/17 19:53
Poo Poo is a top player who will be missed. I suspect he may have been guilty of a few guild name changes over the past few years as well.
31/07/17 17:29
If only Sweet Nitro could have delivered the pirate flag perhaps we would still have Poo Poo.
31/07/17 17:45
I think he might have found the water too cold. Looks like he has dug up his buried treasure and used it at the Auction house.
01/08/17 20:52
Well with shoes going for 320 Million, they need it!
01/08/17 22:37
Team GB keeping an eye on another player who thought of retiring? Odd how closely some of you track people who think about retiring. But I hope you're right that poo poo is back.
02/08/17 17:50
I think you might have the wrong end of the stick here BM. I am not keeping an eye anyone because they might be leaving the game. I just saw PPP's change of name because he was in the same league as another member of TEAM GB. I thought the addition of "have walked the plank......." was both clever and humorous, hence my post on the forum.
I know that you have history with TEAM GB and will probably not be convinced of anything that I say, so this is more for the benefit of others. TEAM GB has no more power than any other Guild, we do not think that we are better than any other Guild and we are not out to get anybody. Believe it or not, we were happy when you returned to the forum. We may not agree on some things (no reason that we should) but this place was more boring without you.
02/08/17 21:33
I don't think there is more power on the game, just k ow when I retired, when caer retired and one other I'm forgetting we would be challenged the first and last day of seasons. And also there were comments about RP transfers recently brought to light in a way that mooners has in the past and was told to be silent, but in this case it was all good. So to use the terminology that several folks have used (mods included), I'm just pointing things out, nothing more.