Are we being forced to quit the game?

24/03/18 10:49
Top right of this page, my account then edit profile
24/03/18 11:45
Cheers monks... Yeah stuffed if i know i gone in ther b4 and tried again just now and it just dont let me click on or do anything in there. Same as when i have previously tried sending a ticket it says field email is not a valid email... well bugger me im not sure what is a valid email then lol... anyway no biggie i must be doing something wrong there but i was wondering if maybe i need to be logging for that stuff with fbook or google as i just playin direct from app on me phone.
24/03/18 12:30
I sussed the name thing out and now im just trying to work out the verify my email thingy lol
24/03/18 12:35
No need any reply to that i have got it all worked out now i just needed to fiddle round a but more..
24/03/18 13:13
Anyone having similar trouble all i did was rotate me phone and i was able to see more of the page and was able to navigate the my account page as i had wanted