Playing a game while training

02/08/18 13:31
The PROBLEM.......whilst the team is in training or undergoing training.....which means a lose of energy and which has a recovery time frame....why is it that during the recovery period one may be challenged to a game..hence if I understanding is right their is a lose of fans if one losers....Should this not be corrected to show your challenger that you under training.....Perhaps the game can be delayed and automatically scheduled until one is fully recovered ?????
02/08/18 13:52
It's all strategy. Most choices have advantages and disadvantages, which choices you seem best for the moment might be subjective, but they are your choice. If fans are important then do 30 min training, if being on here less often is important then do 4 hour training. I personally do 4 hour training and dont care about fans, they are easy to get back.
02/08/18 14:43
Thanks.....I will certainly take up your suggestion and see what happens
02/08/18 21:57
The game is not a simulation. There are many cases that could be perceived as “unfair” (e.g. your opponent can use subs while you are offline, your opponent can be 25 levels higher than you and challenge you etc.).. Don’t focus on those aspects, otherwise you will be complaining on the forum every day
See it as a sport “strategy game” where you need to define your priorities (training vs. fans, assignement of training points to the right skills, planning of building upgrades, etc.). While it is not a perfect rugby similation, you should join an active guild where you ll find the rugby spirit.. They will help you to progress in the game.. and this is where the fun is.

If you don’t want to lose too many games in the map games, don’t go too high in the ranking.. Less players will challenge you.
If your priority is the ranking, then you should expect to lose lot of fans as you ll get more challenged.. You will also quickly find yourself surrounded by higher level players.
For some players, the map ranking is the most important, for other players, it s the championships..

Try to train your team as much as you can, as this is what will help you to progress. If you are online 24/7, stretching is the best option.. if you are online every 2 hours then cardio is the best, and if you are online every 4 hours or more, choose “intensive”.. (the efficiency of the 3 training types is pretty similar, but stretching leaves your players with a higher energy). And obviously, don t launch a training just before an important game..