Advanced strategy screen improvement ideas

03/11/16 01:54
It would be nice if we could rename folders, move or copy created plays, and have an "undo last action" button while drawing up a play. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to try to grab the TE and end up picking the nearby lineman and sending him on a route. I can tell you that drawing a line from the offensive lineman to the nearest defensive lineman doesn't fix the issue, as in my testing my QB will occasionally target the offensive lineman with a pass.
24/11/16 06:49
The OL getting the ball on a run or pass meant for the RB is frustrating to me as well. Especially on run plays. There is no way a lineman would be anywhere near a handoff. But even on passes he won't be looking for the ball and would have his back to the QB and would never catch it. Or at least very rarely, like on a tipped pass. It's also a penalty if an OL touches a pass first. I did read another thread that explained QB's have passing angles that get better as they level. So maybe until the passer gets better he will keep throwing low line drives that anyone can catch, like in Tecmo bowl My QB is at 60's for his passer stats but still passes (or "hands off") to an OL at least once a game; then I cringe because I know a fumble is imminent. To combat this I have been raising my main tackles "Carry" stat so he fumbles less often.
07/12/16 03:02
I'd like to see at least a few different formations to mod. Plus the a way to run the option would be some what cool. Granted I know its more of pro style ball where the QB does nothing but throw. QB draw play would be a bit of a wrinkle that could be achieved now if they wouldn't throw the ball 2yrs pass the line of scrimmage.
08/12/16 11:32
You can now move and copy strategies. We will continue to improve this part of the game.
09/12/16 17:09
Thanks admin!