Latest apple update

22/12/16 17:00
Makes all the text, icons,etc MUCH larger. Like ridiculously large. Like I honestly thought I had hit some sort of button to magnify all text as if I had the eyesight of a 90 year old. Could you look into the ability to adjust the text and icon size back to the previous version. I like being able to see all teams in league play without having to scroll. Guild chat is also effected, and it makes it cumbersome to scroll through larger chat chains.

Update also makes only 4 plays viewable at one time without scrolling. Player helmets are also significantly larger, making it look like 11 guys can cover the entire width of the field.

I am hoping that this was some sort of unintended effect from the update.
22/12/16 17:46
That's interesting. Just wondering what kind of phone you have, as I have an Iphone 6 and I got the update, but none of that changed on mine. Hope you can get it fixed.
23/12/16 18:56
This happened on the iPad, couldn't say about other devices