Taff tell my why

20/11/16 20:55
Send the Wales team there Howley needs the chop.
21/11/16 13:29
Wales v SA will be a massive contest.
Who can be worse.
25/11/16 21:33
Hi Chaps / Dolls
Im new here and have a few Q to ask.
How can aL4 and 6 team beat a L9 that won a few championships and have 55+ average players vs a 32 average and 44 average. And no I have 2x L80 and they have 58 and 60 as their max player. No player in team lower than 51 and have 76% morale. Enery 97 -100% during battles.
Have even won a Champ game 26 - 0 and lost to same team in tourney 3 hours later with all player damage virtually the same at att point.
Thus can a L120 lose to a l60...? I think gamer or AI is screwed.
26/11/16 10:26
It's probably because, Cornelus, your opposition developed the cunning (and oh so realistic) strategy of moving the MB slider all the way to the right... either that or your own tactics are tragically flawed!
26/11/16 20:37
Taff - International Lions :

Wales v SA will be a massive contest.
Who can be worse.

Clearly SA won that contest. Probably the only one they've won all year
27/11/16 08:34