Top Guilds

26/01/16 16:14
It seems an unusual way to rank guilds by Fans as this doesn't reflect challenge successes, maybe this could be updated so that guilds are instead ranked by matches won in challenges? Would give a better indication of who the strongest guilds actually are (and adds some pride to being part of a tough guild, so to speak)
29/01/16 00:26
I like this idea, I think I'm in one of the best guilds and our record would show that but currently I can't boast cos I can't prove it. Also there should be some punishment for guilds that don't play their challenges, there's been numerous times now they don't even challenge back, its a waste of time, why look for a challenge if 9/10 of your guild are too scared to play?
26/02/16 13:07
I like this idea.
Very very loyal.
1. The number of wining in chalenges
2. Average of quality of teams
3.average of fans for every guild
27/02/16 02:06
i agree with this post. Although our guild has had a good few battles, and fairly, its only occasionally we are matched with a guild who doesnt turn up

22/04/16 21:34
Back on this thread (3 months with no Dev/Mod reply btw); when might we do away with guilds being ranked solely on fans rather than successful challenges? It remains a very strange way of ranking the 'best' guilds.
23/04/16 01:31
28/04/16 23:48
Thought this relevant...

1. Man Utd
2. Arsenal
3*. Man City
4. Newcastle
5. Sunderland
6. Liverpool
7. Aston Villa
8. Chelsea
9. Sheffield Wednesday
10. Everton

England's top 10 teams (replace with 'guilds') - based on stadium capacity ('fans') that is.

* When West Ham move to the Olympic Stadium for 2016/17 the capacity will be 60,000 putting them into 3rd and dropping Everton out of the top 10
30/04/16 22:40
Great point mkspurs, doesn't make sense to rank according to stadium capacity..

In yourlist the number 6 team should clearly be ranked number 1!
01/05/16 01:45
Lol ok if you want to go there then the mighty Spurs should be 12th and 'shortly to be crowned' Leicester 19th......
01/05/16 05:07
Vishal, I am with you. Liverpool should be the first in the list as the best club in the EPL.