14/06/16 20:48
Appealing to a number of EXPERIENCED players who have, like me, fallen out with this game... Join the one guild where maybe - (maybe) - we'll make a difference eventually It's revolution not evolution. No leaders here, (well, everyone's a leader if that's poss), either way everyone is equal.
14/06/16 21:09
lol, if I wasn't too attached to my own guild I would be very tempted to join
14/06/16 21:42
lol fair enough

Guild is now closed. Adios amigos.
15/06/16 07:55
Mk spurs > drink water and accept the reality then come back with us lol ...we have problems in guild challenge haha
16/06/16 00:05
Yeah ok lol, doing it, my little buddy will be there soon too