Game frozen mid-match

24/06/16 11:11
Hello. Was in the middle of playing league game today when it crashed on 70mins whilst trying to make a substitution. Here's a pic... When logged back in, mysteriously lost 0-1. No issue with the result or Forward, but wondering if anyone else experienced similar or if it was just my bad luck?
24/06/16 11:16
Hah not being funny, but having just watched the replay, 70mins is exactly when opponent made his changes (mine never happened) - guess i'll raise a ticket anyway
24/06/16 12:53
very bad luck
the game and its bugs...sorry mk
24/06/16 14:16
I tell you what happened.

70 minutes: two of my players injured are retired.
70 minutes: michael by wayne
75 minutes: wayne goal

summary: michael is prepared to give passes but wayne is prepared to circumvent defenders, look at the settings wayne and michael. It was the machine that made the change (very lucky)
24/06/16 15:34
Hey it's cool Forward, it's not the win/loss that upsets me, just the computer bugs that are really annoying! Was a great game up until that point
24/06/16 20:04
For anyone interested, 'cos it affects us all, here's the response to ticket raised:-

"Are you trying to replace a lot of players very fast? If yes could you try to do the replacements slower?"

Ok. That'll be it then!?!? Free tip to you all.
24/06/16 22:35
Lol ...just take it sloooooooooooooow