Offside rule for this game

29/05/17 22:32
Hi, Admin,

I sent a ticket regarding this game becoming a game of tennis where everyone just lumps long balls into the penalty box with their forwards way offside. Okay, you replied and asked me to mention this in the Forum, but why?

What's the point when you do not even bother to reply?

Anyway, my ticket was this:

"I am finding it very frustrating playing against teams who are not creating nice tactics and just passing balls from their own halves into the penalty box.

The thing is: Would it be possible that their forwards should not be allowed to stray behind my last line of defence? In the real world of football, these forwards would be offside repeatedly!

Can something be done to stop this ugly growing & stupid trend as it is making this game more like tennis than football?

Perhaps create offside rule or change the algorithm to make the forwards move up the line as the last defender?


Sublinet aka Sweet Nitro's reply:

Good day,

Thank you for your interest in our game. I invite you to post your ideas in the dedicated forum section :

The Football Champions 2 support team"

Now, what were you saying, Admin aka Support???? Huh???? Or should I write in French or Farsi? Care to do something about this as I am also using these stupid tactics to counter the twats who use them & find this game absolutely unrealistic!!!! By the way, the link you sent me is for the Rugby Manager game!!!

30/05/17 16:31
then here,they ll ask you to send a ticket about this to the support lol
31/05/17 12:55
I agree wholeheartedly with your suggestion for an offside rule. Should one be implemented I would wager the number of goals scored would be reduced to half its current level. It's not that some teams repeatedly play JUST offside (which I can probably live with) it's that some of the players are so offside they may be in a different country from where the ball was passed.
01/06/17 08:36
Nice Idea but that will result in everybody putting the back line on the half way line & either all games will be 0-0 or it will become a sprinting contest
01/06/17 09:45
i think the offside rule would be perfect in the box,it would be easier to do it than in the whole part of the field
02/06/17 02:27
The thing is Admin / Support (whatever they call themselves) will never respond sensibly or do anything to improve this game!!!

Let's see: no one can score penalties anymore, so, everyone has high aggressive level for their forwards and goalkeepers, i.e. me. Used to be like this many moons ago, then until a couple of months ago, penalties could be scored; then this game regressed and no one scores from penalties anymore. This is hilarious....and very stupid on the part of the programmers of this game. You are having a laugh, aren't you, you sods?

Everyone can score as many offside goals as they wish, so, let's bring back the ghastly old Iranian tactics of 10 forwards and 1 least we are lucky the field is green in colour as we can also play this game like the ball forward & watch the other side serve it back to us and on it goes....this is funny....and really crass on the part of the people who configure this game....

Shall I go on, Sublinet or whatever you are calling yourselves these days????

25/08/17 07:17
why no offside rules?! it's not even football! that's how the stupid iranos do!