Level 46 clown playing level 13 team.

03/01/18 14:12
If you really look he seems to play all his guild not just the lesser ones quite reg & takes on stronger teams as well is he changing and/or trying out strategy's or just moving players around within one to work on the best placings of each player & not wanting to do it against better teams until its sorted so as not to reveal to the better teams what changes are being made or have you not looked to see if that is what he could be upto
03/01/18 14:17
Just looked @ Ashleys games v chelsea 0-1 then 0-0 then 0-10 & all within (I think it was 7 mins) so pretty obviously at least one dramatic change there
03/01/18 15:03
yeah one thing i can say is play around with your players certain players are better in ceetain areas of the pitch I've also tweaked mine personel wise