Tournament Ideas

20/03/18 20:22
I am a level 27 ranked 550ish on the map and I drew a level 60 in the first round. I have lower ranked guys in my guild who drew bots.

Here are a few of suggestions to make the tourneys more fair and gain more participation:
Use map level to seed the teams.
Use championship rank to seed the teams.
Use top 11 star rank average to seed or bracket teams.
Tournaments for those with the same starting season or groups of seasons.
Tournaments for each Nation or Continent.
Tournaments by level or groups of level.

I'm sure others have great suggestions as well. I think these could be a cool addition to the game, but the luck of the draw method is going to suck some of the excitement out of this feature.
20/03/18 20:50
i'm level 57 and got a bot yes easy goldballs but wanted proper competion not a bye into the next round effectively.
20/03/18 20:59
I'm with you I like to earn it. Got to be some easy ways to pair teams of similar quality.
21/03/18 07:45
My second team is level 8 & got a level 50 I just pulled them out & entered one where they may have a chance of at least winning one game the big comp was pointless for them
21/03/18 09:30
just worked out my part of the draw has more bots than actual players lol tells you something. im level 57 nearest one to me in my section level 32 thats 25 levels difference just how are they expected to even compete? i mean it;s great for me theres no competiton they may as well just give me the goldballs not really a fair contest and I kinda already know that i've got one hand in the next draw after i've won my group. BOOOORIIINNNG .COM
22/03/18 16:03
Have either of you asked support about the event tournament ?

Probably a waste of time, but maybe the next one could use some better structure ideas.
24/03/18 04:16
The brotherhood you're an OFFSIDE CHEATER BOY
24/03/18 10:39
the event tournament is a total farce nobody should enter it
24/03/18 18:01
Wait what happened ShaunC
25/03/18 11:49
Level 8 V level 51 whats the point admittedly my number 1 team got an even draw in the first round but that was it 2nd round no chance