Legion of Legends

26/06/19 22:25
I just wanted to say thank you guys for all you done to help me and the cash you sent my way, much appreciated. Your guild is truly a class act and I have much respect for all of you! I feel honored to call you guys friends and will be as long as I play this game.

Jammin Giants
27/06/19 00:54
I definitely agree with what Jammin said. You guys are awesome and nothing but class. The $$$ is much appreciated and will be put to good use to update my crack houses. lol
25/08/19 04:23
Well said Jammin.
Once a legend, always a legend
24/11/19 20:26
Hi Guys just want to thank you for inviting 4 of my 5 teams to you but I'm keeping them all together whilst my guild is so active it would not be fair on those teams that have joined me if I abandon ship but if for any reason my guild do's become quite inactive then I will let you know
26/11/19 02:28
Ditto to what Taffy said. Myself, Greybeard, Jacks, and Ricky are all honored by our invites, but we're happy where we are.

And really....why try and break up the few English speaking guilds that are left? Personally, you won't ever see an invite from Pro Bowlers unless you are in a guild under 20 players. It's just common courtesy not to try and break up any of the very small circle of English speaking guilds.

However, if you want to shred up some Iranians and get some squiggly lines in your guild, go for that and leave the little guys as they are. Trust me, you guys have more than enough power in your guild.