Finding Friends

27/09/15 13:35
When I started this game, I did not allow it to send details to my friends on facebook (Just in case it wasn't any good). Now I want to see if any of my friends are playing it and I can't link to anyone or even search by 1 letter. Any ideas how to invite friends?
28/09/15 11:26
In your facebook parameters, go to applications parameters, Rugby Manager, and check "Friends list", then you will see your friends in the game.
02/10/15 20:49
I selected Friends, Friends of Friends,, Public, but still can't see any friends.
Feeling really stupid, but don't understand what I am doing wrong????
05/10/15 13:03
Just below, you have a checkbox "Friend list" you have to check.
11/02/20 21:14
Do you NEED Facebook to add friends?