New Player Looking For Guild

16/04/16 21:40
New player, not new to these sort of games, looking for fun and helpful guild

UK based player, on multiple times a day and always happy to help
17/04/16 12:18
Hi Bud join Alberton RC we active and will be doing GVG all the time with proper rotation
17/04/16 19:45
Says I need an invite to join bud
17/04/16 23:31
Croxton is my team name by the way incase anyone needs it
20/04/16 06:46
Tip: if you go to the forum (settings, forum) change your username in the my account section (top right corner) 'choosing a username' and change it to your team name and sign off any post with your team name and guild ( - people can't find you otherwise) You're also never welcome at Scrum down, Ruck over, Drink up ©

Free tip, lots more at Scrum down, Ruck over, Drink up ©

20/04/16 15:47
Thank you bud though being never welcome somewhere reminds me of my old rugby tour aftermath from my youth, so way to keep it realistic
20/04/16 21:24
20/04/16 21:25
Typos, what a way to attract new players!
23/04/16 07:44
So Croxton's having a great time, he even has a fellow guild member from the USA.

Looking for more to get at least three GVG a week.... Currently 13 active members...

Join us at:
Scrum down, Ruck over, Drink up