Best Training?

11/07/16 17:02

Which of the 3 training types yield the best results? Stretching is recommended and that's what I've been doing, but I see on the Forum, that many use Intensive.

Also, player recovery rates fluctuate from one season to the next. Can one influence this in any way?

11/07/16 18:02
If you are online 24/7 then stretching is for you. If you are online every 2 hours then do the cardio and if you are online every 4 hours or more do intensive, just time it so it doesn't influence your energy before important matches.

Only way to increase recovery rate is to upgrade your infirmary.
16/07/16 04:21
actually doing many 'stretch' training sessions is slightly better than intensive training, in the 4 hours an intensive session take you can do 8, 30minute sessions. think you get same amount of skill points either way, but the intensive session use 35energy where as 8 stretch sessions only use 24 energy.