In Real Rugby, all the players not the same!!

25/07/16 20:00
Sería interesante que para próximas actualizaciones, busquen un factor matemático para distinguir los valores antropométricos de un PILAR, respecto de un WING.

Hoy, todos los jugadores de 80 en todas las cualidades, son exactamente iguales, sea para saltar para empujar, o para correr. Eso no ocurre en el rugby real. Si bien un wing, puede saltar lo mismo que un segunda línea, lo normal es que un segunda línea mida 2 metros y un wing, mucho menos. Lo mismo ocurre con un pilar.

Yo pondría un factor matemático de potenciación:
Los pilares - hookers - segunda líneas - Multiplican FUERZA Y SALTO X 3
Los Alas y Octavo, Multiplican Tackle, Velocidad y Penetración x 3 Y Salto x 2
Los Medios PASE Y KICK X 3
Los wings VELOCIDAD X 3

Así, uno puede optar por poner un segunda línea de wing, pero de seguro que perderá en velocidad, por más estrellas que junte, así como el wing perderá en salto.

espero que les sirva mi aporte.
26/07/16 16:48
I completely agree with you, at the moment a prop is interchangeable with a full back when I know as a prop myself if I'd been given that much green space to patrol I'd have been sobbing in the dressing room...

anyway, google translate to make the english speakers lives easier...

It would be interesting for future updates , look for a mathematical factor distinguishing the anthropometric values ​​of a pillar , for a WING .

Today, all 80 players in all qualities are exactly alike, is to jump to push, or to run. That does not happen in the real rugby. While a wing , can jump the same as a second line , normal is that a second line measures 2 meters and a wing , much less . The same applies to a pillar.

I would put a math empowerment factor :
The pillars - hookers - second line - Multiply STRENGTH AND JUMP x 3
The Wings and Eighth , Multiply Tackle , speed and penetration x 3 x 2 And Jump
The wings SPEED x 3

Thus, one can choose to put a second line wing , but certainly lose in speed, more stars than gather and the wing loses jump .

I hope they serve my contribution .
28/07/16 20:09
I agree completely! As a prop I can sub into the 2nd row for scrums but cant jump (an no one wants to lift me) a little more scared of the fast moving flanker, and would laugh if a place on the wing was offered. Players should be forwards or back and unable to play elsewhere, and there should be a penalty for playing elsewhere in the back line or the scrum.