10 * players going for mega money

11/08/16 11:41
I have noticed recently in level 20+ auctions players rating 10* or there abouts going for thousands of recruiter coins? Anyone know why this is? Is it just to lower team rating? Is it a way of gifting friends coins? Or is there some other advantage to this?
11/08/16 14:34
I for example have a full team of 10* players, not for any of the reasons above, but so I can still play against guys that have quit the game but log on occasionally ... 10* team v 10* team.
11/08/16 14:44
I assume you don't pay thousands of recruiter points for these players though?
11/08/16 15:02
About 1k each lol
11/08/16 16:23
The reason being is some players are hiding their true team strength with lower level players. Sad but true.
16/08/16 16:54
Yes, that. But also, people are transferring players and coins to their alt accounts and those who are quitting are giving to fellow guild members. I hope the devs can figure out how to stop that. It'll put new players off.
16/08/16 23:10
I don't think new players are likely to notice Bournemouth. Only really affects the top leagues.
19/08/16 02:14
10* players in lvl20 auctions? I used to buy lower rated players to lower my team's *rating, found that it made me get challenged much more in guild challenges and so earned more cash. I stopped doing it last season as I was unable to find any more 40-50* players in auctions anymore, i was lvl19 and my team was about 75* then. I was checking the auctions daily and there was just no players under 50* in there anymore, so I'm trying to figure out how you have 10* players in lvl20+ auction
23/08/16 10:09
That's easy to answer Mr Incredible. Reduce your squad to 15 players and when a player gets injured to game gives you a 10* player so that you have a full team. People have started trading these players to make their squad average rating look worse than it really is. Obviously people don't look at the oppositions top 15 players but go by the squad rating. Beware always look at the opponents players. The developers need to sort this out asap.