Reward for Top team of the "season"

27/02/17 10:43
Just a thought I am putting up for discussion: The Top team of the season across all the leagues with the best record should be identified and congratulated. The team Manager should be given 1000 recruiter points by the game owners. This will assist the Manager in their promotion to the next level etc. For example last season I won every match and only let in 6 points. Quite an achievement I think! The best I ever did in my playing days was to only lose one game all season and let in 34 points!
I think this would be easy for the game owners to do and it gives the winning Manager a little boost and a pat on the back.
Just a thought.
27/02/17 10:54
Good thought but not sure it will be that easy to judge, being only 14 teams in a group i think you will find lots of teams go thru a season unbeaten... Im currently unbeaten in mine and im sure their are quite a few teams in the same boat
27/02/17 11:02
It comes down to points difference or least let in as I mentioned in my original post. Like you I have gone through seasons unbeaten, but it's the points I didn't let in that made it a standout season for me. I am only using my stats as an example. I am sure the top team can be indentifed and acknowledged without to much problem. Just a thought I have thrown out for discussion ....
27/02/17 17:43
Novel idea but others may argue that the quality of opposition wasn't the same, cry match bonus and and and so I think this will end up giving the developers and moderators more headaches than incentive as this will essentially insentivise the few and anger the many.