sports shop

01/04/17 19:33
Why cant i buy from Sports shop? -- season has started & 1 game played already
01/04/17 19:50
Same for me - is it a glitch?
01/04/17 20:13
Yeap same here, bet they worked out none of it worked ! Come on guys your conning people into spending cash for nothing !!!
01/04/17 23:16
Same here...
02/04/17 08:03
Same for me. I have built Sports Shop up to level 10 and nothing comes up to bid on ref. Shirts etc. Must be a fault. Checked again just now and still blank in the auction.
Sort it out please or is it an iPad fault as I only play this game on my iPad?
02/04/17 09:20
Working now
02/04/17 09:44
Carshalton Colts :

Working now

Well it was - but nothing there again now.
02/04/17 10:25
Yep. Spoke too soon
02/04/17 10:27
Carshalton Colts :

Yep. Spoke too soon

But working again now here...
02/04/17 10:44
Waspy Tiger :

But working again now here...

Absolutely not !