Forward - three quarters

06/07/17 12:58
I want to play a passing game. I have my penetration on about 20, and my forward three quarters on about 75, but I feel like my forwards are not attacking. I have tried 50 -50 but it does not seem to do anything. Is there a fix for this please.
08/07/17 07:31
your talking about entirely the wrong things Pentration and Forwards 3 quarters are completely irrelevant for a passing game , I'd suggest looking at your passing distance max and passing speed in your advanced settings then you might actually get somewhere
08/07/17 14:06
These settings are not irrelevant for passing game, keep digging esa0m5, you're progressing
08/07/17 16:44
Penetration rate and forward- threequarters has everything to do with a passing game, low penetration with a high threequarter will be an attacking backline passing game
10/07/17 09:29
Thanks very much guys much appreciated
13/07/17 16:09
I have low penetration 3/4 of the time - (back in your box finbar)