Stats Stats Stats

11/12/17 11:54
It would be absolutely brillian if there could be a stats center for your players. For example, I enter and I can see hoe many tries each player has scored, how many tackles he made, how many penalties he conceded for the season. This will help with planning team changes and with seeing which players perform the best with your strategy.

Just something I thought would be really cool and usefull.
11/12/17 23:57
Sounds good to me
12/12/17 01:18
kinda already is that go into any match you've played on your schedule and click stats and you can see that sorta stuff
12/12/17 01:59
Yes but currently only for that match, no career stats. I have no problem with match stats, but bigger picture would be good.
12/12/17 06:37
something football manager games normally have which this doesn't is player ratings during and after the match, I often base my subs in those games on which players are underperforming on the day
15/12/17 10:30
I dont see how that would help as only their recent stats reflect their current ability. If it also contained how many fouls they conceeded 5 seasons back before you had trained their identified skills it could be very misleading in identifying how effective your training strategy really is. the latest game stats are all I need to keep on top of my players progress.
15/12/17 14:33
Maybe stats for the season?
29/12/17 16:44
It is really interesting to display the stats of players, teams and users. Please, consider this for the next patch.