Why are Nitro so scandalously arrogant

08/02/20 20:17
I havent bought a player for many months, hence my team cant compete against cc teams. I get that and accept it.

Struggling again at level 104, I bought a level for £4.99. I retained a screenshot showing this.

However I managed to reach 7th last season. I retained a screenshot showing that too.

At season change around I only went up to level 105. I should have gone to level 106.

I sent a note saying this.

The response was very arrogant claiming I was only level 103, which of course was nonsense as I had the screenshot.

I replied, tried to send the screenshot but the measly limit of 2mb would not allow me to send it.

I have received no response since.

Hence I have passed a refund request to Apple store accordingly.

Nitro or Subshitnet or whoever they are a totally outrageously pompous arrogant people. Conmen really.

I seriously question how anyone would want to spend any money with these people.

A game that has been proven to be full of cheats, rendering the money honest people have spent totally wasted. We should all get refunds for what we have spent with these conmen.

What I have written here is totally honest and fact.

Maybe you should all go to the Apples store and request refunds due to all the cheating.
09/02/20 19:24
What none of the nitro lovers commenting, dont want to lose your freebies huh
10/02/20 10:01
You should be able to compress your screenshots in just about any photo editor and then re-submit them.
10/02/20 22:29
You should get your money back.
11/02/20 05:53
I did get my money back. Tossers.